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Bible Museum on the Square is dedicated to helping people see all of life, through the Bible. In order to fulfill our mission, we need your support. Whether your gift is $50 or $500, you can play a part in helping us maintain our position as the only faith-based institution of its kind on a public square in all the world.


Building an Exciting Future!

We are incredibly grateful for all that has been accomplished in the past at Bible Museum on the Square.  Now, we are looking ahead to an exciting future! Here’s a recap of what we have accomplished during the past several months:

  • We have expressed our passion for the Scriptures through our Share the Word program both locally and in Africa by giving children and teens their very own copy of the Bible.
  • We developed and premiered three brand new exhibitions – Jesus Revealed, Generations of Faith,and Away in 100 Mangers.
  • Our Gutenberg Press Workshop and Jesus Revealed exhibition, and Away in 100 Mangers exhibition were all recognized for excellence by the Tennessee Association of Museums.
  • Over 50 people gather for Bible Study on the Square every Tuesday night to study the Scriptures in the context of community.
  • Our one-of-a-kind Archaeology Camp experience had a record turnout as we expanded the camp to fill an entire week of hands-on learning in the dirt!

We are continuing to develop exciting programs along with a memorable gallery experience to help transform the lens through which all people see the world. And we won’t stop getting the word out about the museum – we are continuing to seek to connect the Bible Museum on the Square experience with churches and schools across our region.

Thank you for your continued support. Apart from your generosity, we would not have the ability to provide exhibits and programming that help both children and adults learn about the Bible. We are grateful to count you as partners in our work!