The name Bible Museum on the Square is elegant in its simplicity in that it expresses concisely both who we are and where we are located. We are passionate about the Scriptures – it is why we exist. The unique approach that we take to articulate our passion is by highlighting the scholarly and archaeological evidence that verifies the historical and cultural backgrounds of the Holy Word of God. All of this on the town square that has been voted as America’s finest Main Street by Parade Magazine.

The logo also makes a statement about who we are and where we are located. The stylized “M” for museum is, of course, well represented. Much more than that, however, the mark communicates the centrality of the Scriptures as it pertains to our mission and vision: The outline of the tablets representing the Ten Commandments and the Old Testament blends seamlessly with an ichthus representing Christ and the New Testament. Purple was chosen as our primary color to evoke a sense of royalty that calls to mind the authority of God’s Word. Finally, this updated look is contained in the cozy confines of a square.

We are grateful for the legacy of the Museum of Biblical History and now look forward to building the future as Bible Museum on the Square. Thank you for your support and partnership through the years. We are eager to serve the community in the days ahead!