Photo by Hudd Byard | Exhibit Design & Direction by Disciple Design 

“My parents, I thank God, had me in church every single Sunday when I was a child. I feel like that was truly the foundation that was laid for everything else that’s happened to me. They made sure that I was in church every time the doors were open. I was very active in my youth group and we were active as a family. That was how I started out. The beginnings of my faith involved my family laying that foundation.”

“I gradually started sharing my notes that I would take during my Bible study online, specifically on Instagram, and people were intrigued and they wanted to know how to study the Bible. God has graciously given me this fairly large platform on social media where I encourage women to reject any kind of misconceptions or lies that they’ve been believing, such as ‘the Bible is irrelevant’ or ‘the Bible is too hard’ and all of these things that I had thought for a long time. I tell them, ‘This is what I do when I open my Bible: I read very slowly, I have a highlighting system and these are the things I categorize and this is why I do it. It’s not just to make my Bible look pretty. It’s because there’s a method behind it. There’s a way of categorizing all the different notes into a way that makes sense to me. I look for what a passage tells me about God and how my life should look different.’ I hear from women all the time, ‘Since I started doing these things, I am in my Bible more,’ and that’s so encouraging to me because I can remember praying, ‘God, help me to encourage women to discover for themselves how amazing Your Word truly is.’”

“As far as my own children, I have three. I have a twenty eight year old, a twenty year old, and a thirteen year old. We have never planned out family devotions. I sort of let them in on what I’m reading. My son goes to a private Christian school and I might ask him what they are talking about in Bible and tell him what I felt like God was teaching me when I read that story. I look for opportunities to share the things God is teaching to me with my children. We have not had structured family Bible times, but instead I try to work it into everyday conversations. I pray with my son on the way to his school and hope that someday when he is driving his child to school he will naturally pass that down.”

-Photo by Hudd Byard