Photo by Hudd Byard | Exhibit Design & Direction by Disciple Design 

“Faith has always been a part of our lives in our family. I remember as a little girl, my grandmother – my dad’s mom – would always tell stories. She was active in the church and her husband was a pastor. So she was always doing children’s church or cutesy little things to teach us. I would always see her with her Bible.”

“Faith has always played a huge role, I think, from my childhood. Though really getting an understanding of what faith actually means happened when I was a little older. And so for me, passing down faith to my children is a non-negotiable. It’s one of those things that I want my kids to really grasp. What Christ is, who He is, what He did for us, and how He invites us in to play a part in His story. To me, that’s really important. I think helping my kids process and have a safe place to ask questions is also really important. I don’t think God’s afraid of our questions, and so I want my kids to be able to wrestle with things while they’re younger.”

“Also, I want my kids to actively participate in their faith, so serving and being on mission is a huge part of our family. I want my kids to be able to see God’s heart through the kids in Kenya and Kibera slum and all over the world. I want my kids to see that God isn’t just for Americans, He’s for all people, and that we are no better than the person on the side of the road who is begging for money or the kids in Kenya who have no parents and can’t afford to go to school. God has called all of us into discipleship and into helping those who are less fortunate. That’s so much of where we’ve seen God: in those trenches.”