Photo by Hudd Byard | Exhibit Design & Direction by Disciple Design 

“The Bible and the scrapbook that were my maternal grandmother’s were given to my mother. I never knew my maternal grandmother. She died long before I was born. But I came to know her through this scrapbook. There are some historical kinds of things: obituaries, birth announcements, her own handwriting on births and deaths and marriages. I learned a great deal about what was important to her.

One of the interesting things about this scrapbook is, on multiple occasions, my grandmother wrote the lyrics to a song called “Others”. I actually have sung that song on a number of occasions as a solo and I had done that before I realized that those lyrics were important to her. I think that’s kind of an interesting God moment, for me to have connected in that way with a woman I did not know. 

I do not remember a time in my life that I have not been in a church choir. I have from the time of being in the toddler cherub choir through today. At one point during my college career I would sing at my home church and then I would sing at another church in the city nearby. Music is very important to me. I think stories of my faith are told in that way, as well. In song. That I have shared with folks.

I’m very fortunate in that my career, to me, is an extension of my faith. I have spent nearly 25 years in nonprofit work. Ten or eleven years at the Food Bank in Memphis, which I felt like was a ministry, and then the last 12, almost 13 years at Page Robbins Adult Day Center. I feel like those are ministry opportunities for me, although neither are faith-based organizations. I particularly feel that way about my work at Page Robbins. I believe it is where I’m supposed to be at this time in my life.