Photo by Hudd Byard | Exhibit Design & Direction by Disciple Design 

“I wasn’t raised in church. I didn’t come to church until my late, pre-adolescent years. I can remember the first time I even walked into a church. It was so vivid because coming from a café life – I had never experienced seeing a whole lot of people have fun without alcohol. I will never forget the serenity that I felt walking in. There was serenity and a sense of joy at the same time: a holy reverence. That struck me and made an indelible impression in my mind, so the church has always been that solemn place.”

“When I was about 14 and a half or 15, there was a small church around the corner. It was a church of about 4 members and 3 windows, I always said, and it had a pastor named Reverend Ophel Sharp who came to the neighborhood one day, got a bunch of boys and girls. He said, ‘You’ve got permission to play in our field. I’ll put you a basketball goal up, but you have to come to church and join the choir.’ And so we did. That was my first community group in which a man poured into a team of kids. He gave me the benefit of his Bible knowledge. He was a 6 foot 6 ex-Marine and he was that strict. He also took a liking to me. I went home with him pretty much every Sunday evening and got to know his kids.”

“We obviously have not done a good enough job of passing down faith in practice, not just in word, but also in deed. Someone far wiser than me has said a long time ago, ‘Truth unprotected in one generation is neglected in the next generation and rejected in the third generation’ and if you look at the last 120 years, that is exactly what has happened.”

“However, on the bright side, there is a remnant of people who believe that the Bible is the answer to life, that those age-old principles from millennia ago are still timeless and applicable today. They realize the world’s ways are empty and do not solve life’s fundamental issues, such as “who am I?” “What am I?” “What is my purpose?” None of that is answered by all of the advanced technology and so forth, so they have turned to something else. Many of them have turned to the Bible to find answers to those questions, and it has made a radical difference in their lives.”