Photo by Hudd Byard | Exhibit Design & Direction by Disciple Design 

Growing up, my father was a pastor, and then my mother had a crazy story about escaping from East Africa when she was under persecution. She escaped when she was about 20 years old and she’s continually told us about how God has worked through her life from escaping her country to being sponsored to come to Canada (which is where I’m from).

My dad would open his church up to homeless people and allow them to have breakfast at the church before service. He’s also been working with different communities that have a lot of refugees coming from their homeland situations, which aren’t very good, and trying to help them start a new life in Canada. His main goal is to show them how God’s love is always there for them. My mom is a neonatal nurse. She has had opportunity to go overseas, as well, and work with the hospitals there and show them different routines and techniques they can use to save children who would normally be deemed as dead.

I guess that’s been passed down to me because I want to become a doctor and practice medicine overseas to help people who don’t have access to medical care or have access to the things we take for granted. Through that, I can share that God’s love is for everyone and not just for people who can access certain things. My fiancé and I would, ideally, like to work overseas and maybe open a clinic or work for a clinic to provide people with physical care and spiritual care.