Photo by Hudd Byard | Exhibit Design & Direction by Disciple Design 

Growing up in a household with 16 other siblings, I was the sixth oldest and the second boy. There’s my oldest brother, then there’s four girls, then me and then eleven under me. I treasure those times and I’m so glad my parents made me get up and go to Sunday School. I had sisters and uncles in the youth choir. St. Luke United Methodist Church is where I grew up and where I was baptized in Scotland, Maryland.

Wherever I’ve been, the first thing I’ve tried to do is find a church home .It keeps me from going too far astray. I say, “too far” because we go astray. I know I do. I have my moments and certainly there are those stressful times where, especially in my business in coaching, recruiting, where your handiwork is on public display every day. As a coach, players, staff, and everyone else is looking to you and hoping that you lead the right way. I’ve had my ups and downs in my faith, but I’ve never lost faith. There have been those moments where I say, “God, please forgive me”, knowing that He will forgive.

I always felt like I was here to serve the community: the university, the players, the family. I’m not just looking at it as teaching and coaching, but also as ministry. Ministry is teaching someone the Word so they can understand it better. That’s what we do in sports, and if I can be a reflection of God, the things in this community and the things that this university stands for and help someone along the way, then that’s the most important thing: to change someone’s heart. It is a privilege and an honor to be leading the University of Memphis basketball team, but it’s bigger than that. That’s one of the things that inspired me to come here. As a coach, you can make a difference in the community.