We are committed to helping people understand the content and the message of the Bible. Bible Study on the Square is a place where you can dive into the Scriptures in the context of a community. Every Tuesday, our gallery is filled with people who are seeking the same thing – to know the Word of God and to know the God of the Word. You are welcome to join us at 140 E. Mulberry Street, on the Collierville Town Square!


Everyone is welcome at Bible Study on the Square on Tuesday nights, 6:30pm, in the museum gallery. Steve Wiggins teaches from one chapter of Scripture each week. Aside from being a five-time Grammy award nominee with his band, Steve has served on staff at Willow Creek Community Church; Harvest Christian Fellowship, and most recently, Bellevue Baptist Church. He is the founder of Living Room Study and Groundworks Ministries, discipleship ministries focusing on Biblical literacy.


We encourage people to read one chapter of Scripture on a daily basis. (We will study every seventh chapter together at Bible Study on the Square.) At that rate, one can work their way through the entire Bible in a little over three years. Groundworks Ministries has prepared a devotional to accompany every chapter of Scripture found in God’s Holy Word. Though not intended to be a substitute for simply reading the Scriptures on their own, these devotionals can serve to supplement personal Bible reading and keep you on track!

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